Little, About Me.

Hello, my name is Ronald Smith, and I’m a Registered Dietitian. I enjoy writing posts about supplements and people’s overall health and well-being. I am also a creator and a founder of this website

How Do We Work?

By providing reviews, we assist consumers in making product decisions.

Our reviews are well-researched and written by qualified individuals.

Business’ marketing efforts are created by them by investing several and huge amounts of money in this day of cutthroat rivalry, and therefore a consumer gets trapped and in a dilemma for which brand he has to pick by watching their marketing campaigns.

We all know that healthcare is a complicated area, and not everyone wants to enter it to help others. Everyone is concerned about their health and they should be, but not every product is suitable for everyone.

However, we have a staff of highly qualified nutritionists and marketers working hard to help you.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver key information to my readers who are willing to buy products.

Our Mission is a website that provides readers with unbiased reviews on supplements and nutrition. The site helps the users to choose the right fitness equipment and right nutritional supplements for improving their body performance.

The site offers various fitness equipment reviews, weight loss product reviews, and best supplement reviews.

Eat Drink Binge is about being healthy and having a great time. We post about supplements and people’s overall health and well-being. We offer the best reviews for supplements and nutrition. I am a Full-Time blogger and a Part-Time Blogger. I am based in Connecticut, USA.

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